• About us

    Driven by our vision to lead
    the change of marketing.


To make digital investments
profitable for companies and function
as a core for growth.


Providing business results
empowered by marketing science
and actionable insights.


Digital customer journeys including
strategy, data-based creatives
and paid media.

With a passion for growth.

We are a constellation of hungry pioneers and digital front runners with one common ambition: To grow along with our clients and always challenge our ideas and perspectives. Our passion is about understanding your entire business and prioritize to locate where digital marketing will provide the greatest value for your investment.

Here we are, one team of full-blown competence driven by data excellence in combination with creativity and behavourial science, promising to challenge your marketing perspective in order for you to make better business decisions. So hey, wanna join our rocket towards a global leading digital marketing partner?


Highlights from our journey.

SocialView was founded in 2014 and are based in the heart of Stockholm. Since day one of our journey, we’ve had a passion for business growth and entrepreneurship which are highly present to this day.

Our team a group of handpicked superstars with different backgrounds and personalities that today represent one of Sweden’s most talented people specialised in strategy, creativity and marketing science. Together we are shaping the future of marketing and have created our own academy in order to always stay forefront within social platforms and technology.

  • 2019

    Appointed: Gazelle company 2019 by Dagens Industri

  • 2019

    Winner of ”Young entrepreneurs of the year” in Stockholm by Företagarna

  • 2018

    Appointed: Rocket company of the year by YEoS & SEB

  • 2015

    Winner of ”The social media show off" Skånemejerier

Certifications and partnerships.

With our partnerships with the leading platform providers, we are trained and certified in order to always stay up to date. Get ready to meet our passionate team of experts!


Are you looking to make a difference in our industry?