The mission.

Bravo is one of Sweden’s most well-known brands within eatables, as well as Sweden’s best-selling juice. Over the years, Bravo has expanded its range of products and it was time for the launch of Bravo Smoothie. Our mission was to increase awareness and purchase intent of the new product through a well-known concept for a large amount of different communication platforms, following a brand lift study in order to measure the impact of the campaign. 

Bravo is one of Sweden’s most well-known juice-brands and can be found on many breakfast tables around the country. Bravo is owned by Skånemejerier, based in Skåne County. Skånemejerier is a Swedish cooperative and one of Sweden’s largest producers of dairy products. Founded in 2010, the company’s products include milk, cream, yoghurt, soured milk, soured cream, cheese, and crème fraiche. Skånemejerier is a subsidiary of the multinational dairy products corporation Lactalis which is owned by the French family Besnier, whose wealth amounts to $ 7.9 billion.

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