The mission.

Epicenter reached out to SocialView during their expansion over four markets; Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo and Helsinki. Epicenter had a varied brand awareness over the different markets and needed help packaging a scalable framework to drive business through social media based on the markets different needs and conditions. The objectives with the partnership was to increase the brand awareness on both national and international level, create a smart method on prospecting, engage new and current members and finally drive leads within all business areas – spaces, events, members, campus and living.

Epicenter is the first Digital House of Innovation in Stockholm. A creative meeting place for fast growing digital companies and big corporations that want to collaborate, learn and grow their digital businesses. Members of Epicenter are offered smart workplaces, innovations labs, event and knowledge programs amongst many others. There are more than 4000 members today and Epicenter is located in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo, Helsinki and digital in New York.

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