The mission.

Kemetyl’s famous T-Brand has quickly grown into one of the most frequently used lighter liquids in Scandinavia. With an open minded mindset integrated in their core values, Kemetyl recently launched a 100% renewable lighter liquid – T-Gul.  A fossil-free and improved ignition fluid, which promotes a safer environment. Our mission for the product launch included a season based solution, covering campaign strategy and execution in both, that aimed to modernise the brand and establish a digital B2C-communication for the very first time. The main objectives was to build brand awareness for Kemetyl and T-Gul, gather insights for upcoming product launches and, finally, increase and contribute to sales of the product.

Kemetyl is one of the biggest supplier of industrial ethanol in Europe. The Kemetyl Group has a total turnover of approximately 1.3 billion SEK with sales to 45 countries. The group has 250 employees in 8 countries producing 88,000,000 litres of fluids from their own production facilities, contract fillers and storage facilities around the world. The product portfolio contains fluids and hardware, car care and accessories, hygiene and leisure products.



The main objective for the product launch was to increase brand awareness and create a bullet-proof strategy for future product launches. Because of this, the strategy consisted of three brand awareness ads with the main focus to place Kemetyl and T-Gul top of mind amongst the target audiences.

Concept creation

The launch was communicated in three focus areas: Product performance, availability and sustainability. Nonetheless, the emotional concept in the ads was portrayed by a summer feeling and different scandinavian barbeque associations in order to analyse which one that triggered the most. Simultaneously, to better gather insights to future product launches, each ad were made in two versions/formats as an AB-test: cinemagraphs vs. longer video.


The distribution strategy focused on applying our full potential through relevant channels, placements and functions, which in this case was Facebook & Instagram. The customer journey consisted with a broad target audience with three brand awareness ads, which would give insights of the most popular one.

  • Launch strategy

  • Creative concept & A/B-test modelling

  • Content production

  • Distribution

  • Measurement

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