• Case Study - Kjell & Company

    Full funnel social media marketing for retail and e-commerce.

The mission.

In 2019, Kjell & Company invested in a whole new digital experience including the launch of a brand new online store. During this digital expansion, SocialViews mission was to strengthen the interaction between retail and e-commerce through social media in order to deliver a complete customer journey that would create long-term profitability.

With 105 physical stores in Sweden and another 16 in Norway, the objectives for 2019 included increased brand awareness for new and returning customers in both, ensuring loyalty and finding ways to improve the customer relationship management program for Kjell & Company’s about 2 million members in Sweden and taking additional market shares in Norway. Additionally, Kjell & Company wanted to shift the major part of sales towards online sales, but at the same time, secure physical presence at all local stores.

The collaboration with SocialView and Kjell & Company meant to elaborate an ongoing marketing strategy in social media to adopt and work towards Kjell & Company’s business objectives and goals.

Kjell & Company is one of Sweden’s leading supplier of consumer electronics within both online e-commerce and retail stores. The company has more than 30 years of experience within consumer electronics, technique knowledge and professional consulting and today consists of 125 stores in both Sweden and Norway.



To succeed with these goals, the strategy was shaped into three working areas; brand, engagement and sales. Instead of only working in middle- and low parts of the marketing funnel we shifted our center to a 360-view and focused on the upper funnel so that we could prospect relevant target audiences paired with the right message. It was important to stay consistent with a clear concept in mind, elevate the unique core values of Kjell & Company, and create attention-grabbing content both paid and organic. The ongoing plan for 2019 encapsulated a full SoMe organic and paid funnel strategy: awareness, consideration, conversion, maintain and ongoing dynamic ads throughout the period.

Concept creation

The creative concept was compiled out of a humorous but ”tech-savvy” approach, which was portrayed both in paid top-funnel campaigns and the weekly organic posts. Kjell & Company’s mood board was created and all creative content followed the following guidelines to secure a red common thread in the marketing mix:

  • The ”three-colour-rule” in all ads
  • Displaying the function of the product
  • The importance of the user experience
  • The feeling of ”tech”
  • Contemporary, clean and simple style
  • Portraying all creative content as light and effortless


This strategy was distributed on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook’s Audience Network and Snapchat for all Kjell & Companys markets (Sweden and Norway). The strategy also included a data driven target audience approach, which was continuously optimised based on consumer behaviour throughout the year. Since the funnel included the maintain phase, there was a retargeting focus with the ambition to remind the audiences to take advantage of the offer again along with exposing them with dynamic product ads (DPA), which were synchronised with their unique website behaviour.

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