The mission.

Each year Lensway rolls out their summer/fall campaign NORR, which promotes a free pair of sunglasses from the brand NORR when purchasing contact lenses online. Our mission was to design and distribute the NORR campaign cross Sweden and Norway and effectively drive the target audiences through full funnel with a main focus on conversion. In addition to the strategy and distribution, the NORR campaign also aimed to be set through a zero measurement in brand awareness through a brand lift study. The main objectives were to increase sales of contact lenses, contribute to issuing 25,000 pair of sunglasses and finally, increase the awareness regarding the NORR campaign offer throughout the three months of the campaign period.

Lensway is one of Europe’s largest online shops for contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses. The company was founded by Daniel Mühlbach and Herman Ofenböck in 2000 and is today operating in 4 countries; Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The company has been a part of the Essilor corporate group since 2014.

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