The mission.

The industry of agriculture, forestry and sustainable development is one important key factor to the government’s reached climate and environmental goals. The foundation of a sustainable society. But the industry is facing a major challenge: the lack of labor amongst the young generation. During our 3-year partnership with Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund (LRF), we aimed to modernize the industry by strengthening the communication, knowledge and attractiveness of a green career within the industry. Our goal was to gain knowledge about LRF’s initiative “Jobba Grönt” and increase the number of applications to the Swedish agriculture and forestry schools. Therefore, our mission was to attract new target groups with primary focus on prospective high school and college students, which was amplified through a multichannel distribution strategy based on our successful Youtube concept “The Green Challenge”.

LRF (Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund) is a politically independent interest and entrepreneurial organization for entrepreneurs within farming, forestry, horticulture and other businesses who have their base in the countryside. Together, they operate 70,000 companies and the green business community, which account for almost 4% of Sweden’s GDP.

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