• Case Study - Real Techniques

    Retail marketing during the most competitive and expensive period over the year: Christmas holiday!

The mission.

The main objectives for the collaboration with Real Techniques was to create brand awareness during the Holiday season among beauty customers and push their season offerings towards Kicks, Åhlens and H&M websites. We wanted to create a ”WOW! We are back” effect for Real Techniques by strenghten the awareness and place Real Techniques brushes and sponges top-of-mind in order to increase sales during the most competitive period over the year: Christmas shopping. 

Real Techniques is the result of two talented pioneers following their dream and passion. Samantha and Nicola Chapman had a clear path in life. Growing up surrounded by the beauty industry they both decided to attend school for professional makeup artistry. Additionally, they were one of the first ”YouTubers” in early 2008 as the two sisters established and managed the famous YouTube channel Pixiwoo®, which became extremely successful.

Today, Real Techniques has taken off in the US, UK and globally. The Real Technique tools and products are focused on brush quality, which is paired with professional, interesting and fun education from Sam and Nic.



The strategy was segmented into three different steps, where the first step was to create awareness targeted by two target audiences, which differentiated in their level of interest in beauty. The two target groups was either an advanced- or basic level of interest in beauty.

Concept creation

The first stage of the funnel (awareness) focused on the message ”Get the Christmas Look”, which was communicated through a detailed-oriented brand movie that was showcasing the feeling of the brand through clearly displayed quality of the brushes. 

The second step in the strategy was re-engaging the audience with the focus area ”The Look and Tool”. In this consideration-phase the products were showcased together with multiple occasions that you could use the product for. 

The third, and last step of the strategy (conversion) focused on portraying the products together with the communication ”The perfect Christmas gift” pushing the re-engaged audience to purchase the product at any of the resellers online or physical store. 


The distribution strategy focused on applying our full potential through relevant channels, placements and functions, which in this case was Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat. The customer journey started on top with two broad target audiences, which then was filtered down in a re-engagement model through the consideration and conversion phase. 

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