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    Facebook introduce Multiple Text Optimization

Published October 30, 2019

Last year Google launched responsive ads, which let the advertiser set up multiple headlines and descriptions when creating an ad. Google Ads then automatically tests different combinations and learn which combination that perform best – in order to optimize and maximize the results.

Facebook has now rolled out a similar feature which allows the advertiser to add several primary texts, headlines and descriptions. Previously, this has only been a feature that existed for Facebook’s Dynamic Ads, but will from now on be an opportunity for all types of ads. 

Facebook also added an preview tool that lets you preview each unique variation, something that gives you an opportunity to review how the different texts fit and how the ads may look.

Too see how the different combinations perform, choose the following options when customize columns:

Why is this something to consider? 

This provides a great opportunity, without having to manually create tons of ads, to see how different target groups respond to different types and combinations of messages. Allowing the algorithms to test and optimize the ad result, according to what the users are most interested in, not only gives good insights on which communication the users respond best to, it also saves the advertiser lots of time.

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