Published June 18, 2019

As an industry leader, Kemetyl’s marketing has historically focused on retailers to secure their place on the shelf. Today, the brand is facing a generational shift and, due to a significant increase in the number of private labels on the market, Kemetyl is now aiming to modernize its communication to consumers, increase the popularity of the brand’s range and, in connection with this, invest more strongly in social media with SocialView as main partner for the investment.

Kemetyl’s ignition fluid or use of the popular T-series for various home chores is undoubtedly a classic in Swedish homes. The summer and the barbecue season are around the corner and Kemetyl is launching a 100% renewable ignition fluid under the name T-Gul for the first time on the market. This includes, for the first time, distributing content for Kemetyl that is specifically designed for social media where communication about the product’s use area, renewable properties and high performance will be emphasized in the concept. 

SocialView’s mission includes a comprehensive solution for the product launch, which strategically includes establishing a complete distribution plan and operationally manage the coordination and implementation of the campaign in social media based on production, advertising, continuous optimization and analysis work. The strategy also includes creatively highlighting the established T-brand along with the less familiar name Kemetyl, in order to increase awareness and value throughout the brand.

Packaging and distributing such a well-established and historical brand as Kemetyl is so exciting. In the end, it’s all about doing a “everyday” product into something attractive and engaging where the communication we shape actually affects the buying behavior in store. We have a solid experience within retail brands that doesn’t own their final sales, which places high demands on us as a business partner to influence and return sales through social media. What we think is extra fun with the team at Kemetyl is that they really are experts in their product, which in combination with our expertise regarding our product cannot be anything but a qualitative customer journey! Says Pauline Wallander, Relations Director SocialView

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