Published June 28, 2019

Much has happened for Kjell & Company during the last year. The company has among many things acquired Eric Lundberg, former CMO of Apoteket AB, as new CEO. They have made sales records after a strong Christmas trade and established new concepts such as home delivery within an hour in selected areas in Sweden. Together with Avensia, the launch of a brand new online store is also around the corner. In associate with their digital experience investment, SocialView will be responsible for extending the business and digital customer experience through social media.

Kjell & Company has since day one as a supplier of consumer electronics been driven by world-class service and quality, where employees with their passion for technology, always have putted the customer experience in focus. Consider Kjell & Company’s sharp customer service, the communication and marketing have mainly being managed internally. Today, they have found trust in a partner that understand their business and can extend the unique customer experience from physical store into social media, namely SocialView.

– It is very exciting to work with the knowledgeable team at SocialView. They understand us, our important values ​​and what we want with our communication. The most important thing for us in social media is to offer the same knowledge and service that our salespeople do in store, but also that social media should be a channel for driving business, Håkan Hallbeck, Marketing Manager Kjell & Company.

SocialView’s mission is comprehensive, including strategy, creativity and production as well as advertising and optimization at national level, Sweden and Norway in both. With 105 physical stores in Sweden and another 16 in Norway, the mission includes unique customer journeys focusing on engaging Kjell & Company about 2 million members in Sweden, increasing brand awareness and taking additional market shares in Norway. The launch of the new web store means that the focus on social media is partly focused on driving sales online, but also to include and establish the online store as a natural part of the communication, since 50% of all purchasers use in their customer journey.

– E-retailers have the greatest potential to own the entire customer journey by utilizing the fantastic technology and tools that digital platforms allow us to. Despite this, we still face e-retailers who have major challenges in driving sales and creating long-term profitability through their communication in social media. Therefore, we look forward to offering our expertise to another large e-commerce player, where we have the opportunity to strengthen the interaction between retail and e-com and thus deliver a complete customer experience, says Pauline Wallander, Relations Director at SocialView.

Pauline Wallander, Relations Director (SocialView), Eric Lundberg, VD (Kjell & Company) och Andreas Bengtsson, VD (SocialView)

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