Published December 19, 2017

The journey with O’learys began already in 2015 in Kalmar. SocialView’s first assignment was the social media marketing for the local restaurant. O’learys Kalmar had big visions about attracting a younger audience, broadening the brands associations and driving the entire company into social media. SocialView took the assignment in the form of a nightclub concept together with an overall strategy for the restaurant that included both production and distribution. The efforts resulted in a sales increase beyond the ordinary and the partnership took a skyrocketing start. 

The success of O’learys Kalmar got attention from both corporations as well as local newspapers, among others. This lead to O’learys Kalmar extending their partnership and chose SocialView as their long-term social media partner in Kalmar. The collaboration began with a comprehensive communication strategy, where the four foundations of food & beverage, community, activities and sports, became central in expanding the brands associations and target audiences. Since then, we have gradually developed the overall customer experience for the local restaurant on social media and the partnership continues to grow stronger and stronger every day.

And the journey didn’t end there!

SocialViews solid work for O’learys Kalmar led eventually to extended assignments within the franchise. The collaboration expanded in the form of both the O’learys Ystad and O’learys Lund restaurant entering partnerships with SocialView as their social media partner. The mission meant a large focus on local advertisement which among other things, led to a record high number of visitors during the opening of both restaurants.

For us, a partner means that we believe in our relationships and putting our customers as our highest priority. Just like a good friendship, we see our accomplishments as collective. To always see things long-term and deliver authentic and dedicated work from start to finish together with notable results is the key aspect for us. The journey with O’learys Kalmar, Lund and Ystad have resulted in a well established relationship with O’learys Trademark that are now choosing to start a nationwide collaboration with us.

We see a great advantage with having SocialView as our expert partner for our social media marketing. We are taking large steps forward to be seen more in social media, but also to measure our investments in a more advantageous way with the help we’re getting, says Johan Knutsson, Digital Manager at O’learys Trademark.

Our collaboration with the franchise contains the hidden communication strategy for O’learys Trademark on the social media channels as well as ongoing expertise and guidance within production, distribution, advertisement and optimization for O’learys Trademarks official channels, but also for most franchise restaurants all over Sweden. The investment has, since earlier, started with a extensive technical implementation on social media for O’learys 92 franchises across Sweden.

We have a unique and genuine concept to make use of. Social media is a part of our strategy to secure that we reach our target audience in relevant media. Our association with sports is to be made clearer and bring us closer to the sport – which our social media channels will reflect and highlight to our guests, says Jacob Anderson, Marketing Director at O’learys Trademark.

With an extremely high brand awareness it is self-evident for us that O’learys should be a leading brand when it comes to social selling. O’learys is a highly exciting brand and we are very proud to be able to influence the digitalisation of such a traditional and well established brand. We can’t say anything other than that we look forward to our journey together with O’learys Trademark and taking their marketing to the next level.

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