Published May 19, 2017

Rocket of the year 2017 har entered the marketing industry with evident impression! During last year, they showed us where to put our money and have really dared to go all in. The company has increased their revenue with over 300 percent during 2016 with the vision to change the marketing industry and the aim to build a workplace for the next generation!

That was the motivation when our fantastic CEO Marcus Smith was called up on stage during the annual convention for YEoS – Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden and took home the prize for “Rocket of the Year 2017”!

Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden is a member-controlled organization whose ambition is to support young entrepreneurship in Sweden. By choosing the most driven, young entrepreneurs in Sweden, they have created a network that promotes the exchange of competence and make it easier to meet, talk and help each other. 2 years ago, Marcus and SocialViews co-founder Andreas Bengtsson saw YEoS for the first time, and since then it has been a dream to be a part of the network. In the beginning of March Marcus was accepted into YEoS and only a month later it was time for the annual convention in Jönköping, where Swedens 100 leading young entrepreneurs were gathered under the same roof.

During the annual convention, three awards were handed out: Rookie of the Year, Member of the Year and Rocket of the Year. The award Rocket of the Year was awarded to the entrepreneur with the highest percentage in increased revenue. The award was handed out on stage by representatives from SEB and SocialView took home the award with a revenue increase of 370,53 percent 2016!

We are incredibly proud of Marcus and our journey. To win Rocket of the Year along with new headquarters in Kalmar and the opening of our office in Stockholm is a fantastic receipt of the fact that we’re heading in the right direction. But there is one thing we still stand by, this is just the beginning!

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