Published October 31, 2018

Today 300 aimo rolls out on the streets of Stockholm, the city’s first electric car service.
Just in time when the biggest competitor DriveNow shuts down and new mobility services like Voi are taking stronger and bigger positions in the market, aimo’s major initiative in social media is initiated. A launch campaign with strong conversion and loyalty-focus which has been developed by the SocialView team together with aimo already since the summer.

But what really is the key to success when launching a car sharing service when the predecessors shut down one by one? How do you position a new brand in social media where not only downloads of the app are sustainable but also a long-term usage?

In addition to the efficient pricing model and the fact that the aimo cars are fully electric, the answer is relevance. Car sharing is still a relatively new phenomenon in Stockholm, therefore, it requires a watertight communication strategy that not only increases awareness of the brand but also the phenomenon of car sharing –  to trigger commitment and strengthen the target audience loyalty long term.

We’ve taken a deep dive in audience analysis for both inner city and suburbs, competitors’ successes as well as failures, as well as prospecting of the most and least frequent users of competitors. From this, a social media launch plan has been developed in which strategy, content and distribution are synchronized to the smallest detail for each individual target audience. With the goal of establishing the brand, capturing interest and maximizing the use of aimo in Stockholm city, the target audience will meet aimo in completely unique ways for the highest possible relevance. Together with the brand concept “Gets you there” and website promoted by our partners RUTH and Sunny at Sea, no one living in Stockholm will miss aimo in their social feeds.

Aimo is a brand new concept that we thought needed a new thinking, innovative agency, and SocialView was the perfect choice! Our commitment will focus on the digital and with our cooperation we have designed an exciting campaign concept. We are excited to see how the people living in Stockholm receive their new car rental service Josephine Adorelle, General Manager aimo

Aimo is an incredibly exciting brand and we are extremely proud to act as social media partner for the project and mission. A new brand needs a well-established and strong branding, eye catching content and the right message at the right time to gain a long term position. Since the collaboration with aimo includes both strategic and operational work in the form of project management, production, distribution and optimization, our expertise is provided to its fullest form for maximum results, which we undoubtedly look forward to delivering.

Finally, someone who understands what’s required for a successful investment in social media!
To work with Josephine and the people at aimo who has the courage and the right digital mindset “Social is the way to go” and at the same time understands that the right strategy, content and distribution in its complete form of success is extremely fun. We really are looking forward to seeing the campaign roll out in the days.
– Pauline Wallander, Project Director SocialView

Project group
KAM / Project Manager – Pauline Wallander 
Project Manager – Sofia Vinsa 
Creative Director – Felicia Holte
Creative / Producer – Totte Annerbrink

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