Published March 19, 2018

SocialView has in recent years had a fantastic exciting and expansive journey. Since 2014 we have expanded to a total of 16 employees and, in particular, had the opportunity to grow together with our awesome customers! In January 2017 we opened the doors to the Stockholm office as the majority of our assignments were located in the capital. With that said, SocialView today decided to continue the expansion in Stockholm and thereby move the entire operation in Kalmar to the new headquarters on Norrlandsgatan 22!

What is the reason to move SocialView to the capital?
SocialView is today an industry leader in marketing on social media, founded with the mission to change the marketing industry for good. Through smart strategies that create the right customer journeys, content that engages and ads that target the right goals, we are today changing how businesses look at advertising. In order to maintain this expertise, constant development of our existing skills, enhancement in the form of new excellence and a gathered team in an office is required to strengthen and maintain our strong corporate culture. Stockholm therefore becomes our obvious starting point for continuing our expansive journey and reaching our future goals.

How does this affect customers and employees in the Kalmar office?
SocialView will continue to deliver our top-class services. This means that you as our customer, partner or alike, will not be affected by the relocation of Kalmar office to Stockholm. We will ensure that we maintain deliveries during the relocation and are pleased to announce that this change will bring even better results to you in the future with an industry-leading team in our capital.

We hope, however, that we have your full understanding this will be an intensive period of reorganizing a whole business to Stockholm and that we will do our best to give you as smooth a transition as possible! We are currently talking with all employees and will do our uttermost to make the process as smooth as possible. We expect to be 100% ready after the summer holidays, but will begin relocating on the first of April 2018 as we move into our new headquarters on Norrlandsgatan 22.

– I have full understanding that this decision is coming quite suddenly for some of you. However, for those who have followed our fantastic journey from start to Sweden’s leading expert partner in performance-driven marketing for social media, know that it is a very natural step for us to move our business to Stockholm and to give our employees the chance to develop at new levels, to keep our leading position and to achieve our vision with the company.

All questions, concerns or the like are referred to Marcus Smith, CEO SocialView. Send an email to: and I will answer you as soon as I have the opportunity!

Wishing you a nice week! We will soon see each other in our new headquarters on Norrlandsgatan 22 in Stockholm.

Best regards, Marcus Smith & Andreas Bengtsson
Co-Founders, SocialView

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