Publicerad 23 maj 2019

Onsdagen den 15 maj korades Årets Unga Företagare i Stockholms stad under festliga former på van der Nootska palatset på Södermalm. I sällskap med andra fantastiska nominerade stod till sist Andreas Bengtsson och Marcus Smith som vinnare.

The jury’s motivation:

Courage is a word that is close to hand when you think of Young Entrepreneurs of the Year. At a very early age, this year’s winner founded a company that already at an early stage had the opportunity to expand and recruit new employees. All because their unique idea in an already existing industry.

By creating a healthy employee culture where coworkers get the opportunity to work with something that they believe in, satisfied employees were cultivated in an industry that is constantly challenged by the lack of competence.

This year’s winners compete in an industry where it is of the utmost importance to constantly be forefront. Although change is common in the industry, the company has shown a great desire to continuously challenge themselves, which also explains its success.

By strongly challenging in an already established market, this year’s Young Entrepreneurs have successfully succeeded relocating and now have greater opportunities to find the right competence and more clients. With the motto “We will be the best – not the greatest”, the company has come a long way on the road, and there is no doubt that they are good ambassadors for the city’s all young entrepreneurs.

SocialView AB is a company that works within strategic and creative marketing in social media. They have previously worked with well-known companies such as Lensway, Skistar and O’Learys. Their primary business concept is to build a strategy based on customer cycles. In this way, you create experiences well adapted to the specific target group.

The company saw the light of day when Andreas and Marcus were only 19 years old. The company then had its base in Kalmar and the workplace expanded to have 16 employees over a three-year period. The employee culture at the company is exemplary, which is obvious when none of these 16 employees ended during this three-year period. After the move to Stockholm, they have continued to attract the expertise with passion for their profession.

This year’s Young Entrepreneur in the City of Stockholm is not the first prestigious prize SocialView wins. Previously, they have also been awarded Rocket company of the year by SEB & Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden. They have also won Sweden’s largest competition in social media.

Now the company will continue to seriously establish itself in Stockholm. It is a competitive market, where the struggle for the right skills is tough, but with the right mindset, the company and its owners are guaranteed to continue to grow and remain good ambassadors for young entrepreneurs in both Stockholm and at national level.

Congratulations Andreas and Marcus!

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