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    The 2020 Topics and Trends by Facebook IQ.

Published January 14, 2020

The 2020 Topics and Trends from Facebook IQ is a collection of one year’s research and insights including, not only the US, but also trends across Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, Sweden, Thailand and the UK. The findings are grouped into four regions and six distinct categories: Art and Design, Beauty and Fashion, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Mind and Body & Travel and Leisure.

This global perspective is helpful in understanding people, therefore Facebook is one step ahead at improving the Facebook platform to accommodate to needs of the user. But also, when marketers understand emerging trends in other global regions they can predict the future in their own markets. By surveying across regions Facebook was able to look at the result with a wider eye, which helped link apparent disconnected trends around the world. Below is a summary of these trends per region.

Asia Pacific

Straight to the Gut (Australia)

It might not be a newsflash to anyone that Australia is a leader in wellness trends, but recently the gut has been the center of attention. The trending conversation topics includes gastrointestinal tract, gut flora and microbiota. 76% and higher are females and the dominating age group was 35-54 years old. 

Domestic Treks (India)

India has been a popular destination of international tourists for a long time, but now, more Indians are exploring their own country, and more specifically the outdoors. The conversation topics emerged includes mountaineering, backpack and travel photography.

Esports for the Win (Indonesia)

Esports is an evolved interest that has gone from recreational to professional in Indonesia. This is a form of competitive gaming where people play against each other in real time (online). Indonesia might be a late-adopter to esports, however, they are quickly strengthening the country’s place on the world stage.

Skincare, but Simple (The Philippines)

For a long time, the skincare routine in The Philippines have been advanced with the use of harsh products and complex rituals. Now, a new, more basic, trend has emerged, focusing on just a cleanser, moisturizer and finishing off with UV protection. People are also seeking out products with hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture and collagen in the skin. The trending topics includes sunscreen, hyaluronic acid and moisturizer.

Coffee Comes Home (Thailand)

Historically, there has been a low consumption of coffee in Thailand due to the expensive prices, however, foreign coffee chains have entered the market in recent years and now, thanks to young entrepreneurs’ experiences abroad, independent coffee shops are in front line. The conversation topics includes Caffè Americano, Coffee shop and Espresso.


Screening Labels (France)

The last year’s report showed that people in the US are paying more attention to consumer good labels and now the same trend is evolving in France. People are downloading apps that help you screen ingredients of certain products. This trend is growing strong from people’s enhanced chemical literacy and specifically the one concerning skincare. The conversation topics includes shea, aloe vera and antioxidant (all natural ingredients which helps promoting beautiful skin).

Meat, Evolved (Germany)

Germany is known for its meat-centric cuisine, however, the last few years, people across the country have shifted to a vegetarian diet for both health- and environmental reasons, giving the country one of the highest rates of vegetarianism on the planet. The trending conversation topics includes veggie burger, vegetarianism, and meat. 

Fashioning the Future (Sweden)

It might not come as a surprise that the country who is considered to be the most sustainable in the world (accounts for less than 0.2% of total global emissions) is trending in sustainable fashion trends. The conversation topics in Sweden includes atmosphere, plastic and cotton.

Fitness is Fun (United Kingdom)

Another trend that was noticeable in last year’s report (US) has also emerged in the United Kingdom this year: a new crop of boutique fitness’ centers, which is creating a party setting while working out. The conversation topics includes trail running, strength training and neon.

Re-Commerce (United Kingdom)

Thrifting apps are on the rise in the United Kingdom! This re-commerce trend is making it easy for exchange between used clothes faster and easier. These apps allow anyone to be the seller and buyer, which gives everyone the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. The conversation topics includes vintage shopping, luxury goods and reseller. 

Latin America

Astrological Institution (Argentina)

The last few years astrological signs are trending in Argentina, which is to understand personality traits, sharpen emotional intelligence and the ability to process feelings. The conversation topics includes emotional intelligence, tarot (divination) and mercury (the planet). 

Tinker Time (Brazil)

Recently, consumer technology has become more affordable and accessible in Brazil, which has been the start of a ‘maker-culture’ in Brazil. The interest for DIY mechanical projects, such as, experimenting with technologies like 3D printing, electronic prototypes and laser cutting are growing. The conversation topics includes maker-culture, industry and prototype.

‘80s Youth (Brazil)

The ‘80s pop culture is back and trending and especially amongst the young generation born in the late ‘90s and early aughts. Through the internet and digital platforms people are back in touch with the decade. People are embracing vintage tech, turning to 8-bit video games (Nintendo) and choosing to play music on cassette tapes instead of streaming platforms. The conversation topics includes headband, 8 bits and popular culture. 

Indie Artspaces (Mexico)

Historically, the art world have been held by gallerists and curators in Mexico, but due to DIY venues for contemporary art the art scene is now going through a revolution. As a result of this indie innovation, the art world’s attention is turning toward Mexico. The conversation time included contemporary art, installation (art) and workshop. 

Little Tokyo Gets Big (Mexico)

Although Mexico is known for its mexican cuisine, the last few years a Japanese cuisine trend has grown increasingly popular among locals. Conversation topics, such as, seaweed, soybean and matcha tea are all trending in Mexico.

North America

Beekeeping for the Good (Canada)

A new blooming hobby in Canada’s urban areas is beekeeping. As people are more aware of the importance of bees to the local ecosystem, they are doing their part to make Canada a hospitable place for these pollinators to live. The conversation topics include pollinator, beekeeper and flora.

Plant Parents (Canada)

Another trend in the urban areas in Canada are indoor gardens, which is a result of the local migration to large cities because people have been focusing on work and excelling their careers. Because of this, Canada has received a number of “Plant Parents” and the conversation topics the recent year has been Succulent Plant, Houseplant and Air Purifier.

The Bath is Back (United States)

We already can assume that beauty and skincare is a popular trend in the United States of America, nonetheless, now the trend has immersed to taking baths. Influencers are inspiring the locals with divulging routines and DIY recipes. Conversation topics includes milk bath, chill-out music and sea salt.

Flexitarianism (United States)

Not only Germany is considering a more veg-heavy diet – the Americans are getting more aware of their impact on the environment and, in turn, are working on eating more sustainably. The conversation topics in the United States includes methane, pea protein and plant-based diet. 

From Pods to Screen (United States)

The podcast culture has exploded worldwide, however, the United States have now taken this culture to the next step. Now, podcasts who have large followings are using their own platform and taking the jump outside of the podcast forum into TV and other mediums. It appears that the future of storytelling features disparate mediums working hand-in-hand. The popular conversation topics includes Miniseries, Podcast and Adaption.  

We hope you enjoyed the reading and gained some valuable insights for this years digital strategy! If you are curious about SocialView and how we can help you accelerate your growth through digital marketing – read more about us here and don’t hesitate reaching out! 🥳

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