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    Ways to optimize your ad creative for mobile.

Published September 4, 2019

For years we have known how to optimize for mobile when it comes to the creative on social media. But what does that actually mean and what new tools are available for you as a marketer and creator? This easy and fast-to-consume post will focus on just that.

According to a study conducted by Facebook, people’s eyes fixate longer on video ad assets compared to static assets (images). Use this opportunity to capture attention throughout the entire customer journey and advertising funnel.

Slideshow and video crop

We recommend planning for creating videos from the start. But if you only have images to work with – you can easily create mobile-first videos through Facebooks slideshow feature in Ads Manager – it also works with Instagram.

If you have a video to work with, then great – you’re almost set! Just make sure it’s properly formatted for social and has the correct aspect ratio. Either 1:1 (square) or 4:5 and 9:16 (vertical) works. If your video is formatted traditionally (16:9 – horizontal) you can crop it without any fancy or professional video tools by following this guide.

Video Creation Kit and multiple placements

In 2018, Facebook launched its Video Creation Kit where you could (among other things) create slideshows, as explained above. Today, in 2019 you can now optimize your video for different placements. This means having the ability to automatically create different videos in all possible different formats – making sure your ads are visible on all placements. Not only in the regular feed. Want to find out more? Read this.

This follows the SocialView-approach where we format every single video and ad for all placements. That means one video becomes four (1:1, 4:5 9:16 and 16:9).

Trim to match the consumption behavior

Social media and its users have a short attention span, match you videos accordingly. Keep the length to a maximum of 10-15 seconds – sometimes, even shorter than that is necessary to make sure you message breaks through the noise. 

Two essential and final tips!

Firstly, design for sound-off. Not everyone watches with sound or perfect headphones all of the time. Secondly, be sure to clearly display your brand and message at the beginning and end of the video. As Facebooks says:


Including your brand at the beginning of your video will give it a better chance of being seen and including it at the end will help keep your brand top of mind as people move on to other content.”

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