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    World leader in probiotic products – BioGaia chooses SocialView as creative partner for social media.

Published October 16, 2019

BioGaia wants to contribute to better health in the world by offering clinically-proven and user-friendly probiotic products. Now, BioGaia wants to improve their B2C communication and chooses SocialView as their creative partner, responsible for all content production adapted for social media only.

With a business model within B2B, BioGaia’s communication has previously focused on doctors and other healthcare professionals worldwide. Communication directly with consumers has mainly been handled by the distribution partners.

BioGaia is now investing in complementing its B2B model with marketing B2C, partly to strengthen the brand but also to support the distributors in more than 100 countries in which the products are sold. Stomach health, with probiotics in great focus, is a hot topic among consumers worldwide and much of the communication takes place in social media. This is where the collaboration with SocialView comes in, where the agency will be responsible for BioGaia’s first investment in content tailored exclusively for social media.

SocialView’s mission includes to strategically produce content intended for distribution among consumers in social media. The creative requirements are high – it must work globally and be in line with the Food Act for dietary supplements and at the same time comply with BioGaia’s brand, science and products. As a global player, the content should be both alerting and engaging for consumers in different countries, but above all act to increase knowledge about the importance of intestinal flora throughout life.

“The main purpose of our communication in social media is to strengthen the brand. It is very exciting to get to work with an agency that are professionals at this particular. Together with SocialView’s competent team, we hope to take our communication to a new level– Eva Nelson, Corporate Communications Manager at BioGaia

The content should have a Scandinavian and modern tonality that’s highlighting the company’s Swedish origin. The communication should also be permeated by the fact that research and science are the basis of the products, in order to strengthen the positive associations with the brand. The range for children also accounts for 80% of BioGaia’s business, which means that emotional connections to family and children will be important in the content as well.

“Gastric health and intestinal flora with good and bad intestinal bacteria has been a popular topic of discussion in recent years, as bacteria in the intestine affect not only gastric health but also our immune system, nutritional uptake and a number of diseases. Therefore, we are extra thrilled to package a seemingly simplified communication of such a complex subject, where the focus is on the importance of knowledge and emotional connections to a healthy everyday life” – Felicia Holte, Creative Director & COO at SocialView

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